BP Better Messages

BP Better Messages – is a fully featured replacement for standard BuddyPress Messages. Plugin is fully backward compatible with BuddyPress Messages.

Realtime Messaging

AJAX or WebSocket powered realtime conversations

Modern Design

Fully new concept and design

Embedded links

Links with auto parsed title, image, etc…

File Sharing

Embeded files with any message (text, archives, photos, videos, audios…)

Emoji selector

Allow your users to use emoji in conversations easy!

Sound Notifications

Users will be notified about new messages with sound notification also

Site notifications

User will be notified about new message anywhere with small notification window

Reworked notifications

Instead of standard notification on each new message, plugin will group and send only unreaded messages time to time

Multiple Participants Conversations

Users still can create multiple participants threads

Favorited Messages

User can mark messages as favorited and have fast access to that messages later


User can set subjects for each new thread as in standard BuddyPress messages

Backward Compatibility

Just disable BP Better Messages plugin and all messages will be shown within standard BuddyPress Messages

Websocket version

Instant Messages Delivery

Incredibly fast messages delivery to all recipients in realtime! Up to 20x faster comparing with AJAX.


Secure communication between websocket server and your site users.


Our websockets servers are completely private and do not store or track any private data.

Load Optimization

Significantly reduces the load on your server

Online indicator

Show if user online at the moment

Typing indicator

See when another participant writing new messages at the moment

Mini Chats

Continue messaging everywhere on your site

Message Status

See what is your message status: sent, delivered or seen

Priority Support

Priority support for all users of WebSocket version

Get WebSocket License

By ordering Websocket License now you will help us with plugin development significantly, also you will get premium support and all websocket version features which will result into better involvement of your site members.

Approximate Comparison

Message delivery speed (seconds)

Server Load (online users)

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