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Martin A

Hey, thanks! This works great for opening an existing chat.

But before i can launch this new chat to my users i also need to be able to directly open a mini chat between two users who don’t have an existing thead. How can i solve this?

If i understand correctly Buddypress requires a message to be sent before a new thread id can be created in the database. An option to get around this would be to create an empty message programmatically and thus get the thread id. However this would trigger the email notifications as well right? And that would be a problem for an empty message. And i don’t want to create empty messages between all of the users on my site just in case, that would create a lot of trash data in the database.

Ideally an empty message would be create only once i initialize the open of the minichat. Then an empty message can be created, a thread id can be generated and a mini chat can be opened. And somehow the email notification would need to be suppressed.

Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this? It’s still a show-stopper at the moment. But your plugin is so good i want to release it to my users as soon as possible 🙂