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Self Hosted Version – same version as WebSocket, but it allows to host and transit all data through your own server.

So its perfect solution to meet GDPR and other privacy laws.

The cost of WebSocket version is higher than standard license as it require additional support, installation service, etc.

The price of Self Hosted version is 299.99$/Year per domain.

For the installation will be needed small VPS with clean CentOS installation. At the start the requirements for the hardware is very low, this means you can start with the smallest VPS available from your provider. However recommend to get at least 1GB RAM for the start.

WebSocket server is more CPU intensive then RAM, but its very lightweight still and with smallest VPS instance you still can handle many concurrent users (estimate up to 1000), when you see your VPS instance start to use too much CPU, just upgrade it to VPS with more powerful CPU.

WebSocket server not provided as open source, its fully encoded to prevent nulling of plugin.

If you have any additional questions about Self Hosted Version or any other questions, contact support.

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