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    Hello Dev,
    I was having trouble with rtmedia’s activity player (mediaelement.js)
    It is also being used in BP better messeges.
    I disabled mediaelement.js and enabled default browser player.
    But this plugin in conflicting.
    Please tell me how to disable mediaelement.js for this plugin too and use default browser player.
    The plugin conflicted and even changed bp activity updates media files to MEJS


    Hi there!

    I need to look into to your website to understand and resolve conflict.

    PM me with credentials for regular user account at your website.



    Thank you bro replying me quickly.
    I thought the forum is dead.
    Well, Its night 10PM(India) by here so i will cantact you tommorow.
    Please tell me when i should contact you tommorrow.
    I can’t explain my problem right now.
    Will do that tommorrow.
    You live in Ukraine na?


    My current issue is fixed but the videos are not responsive.
    their size is desktop size (more than screen width and this breaks it).
    Can you help me scale down that??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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