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    Hi, I have downloaded your Better Message plugin to test for a project but have discovered in my error logs that their is an error in one of the queries your plugin is making. I have search the source code but cannot find where it is.

    The query is:

    SELECT sender_id 
                    FROM <code>wp7dl_bp_messages_messages</code> 
                    WHERE <code>thread_id</code> = 1 
                    AND   <code>sender_id</code> != '0'
                    ORDER BY <code>wp_bp_messages_messages</code>.<code>date_sent</code> ASC
                    LIMIT 0,1

    You will see in the from that my WP database is prefixed with “wp7dl_” but in your ORDER BY you have hard coded “wp_” which is causing the query to fail.

    Could you fix this and either release an update or let me know which file I need to edit.




    Hi there!

    I will check and fix.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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