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    Would like to make couple of changes in the chat group functionality to improve adoption.

    1. video chat active, “Join…” button styling is different, doesnt seem to respond to any settings in the theme (Oceanwp). How to change the color of the button?
    2. In a chatroom, it mentioned the number of users in the chat and the number online, would like to remove the number of online users here, sometimes its low and not encouraging to join (but they are in the room).
    3. “Join video chat” button is all caps (same button as point 1) and “scares” people who think they immediatly will go live but infact you can first nicely see whats going and you still need to enable your cam yourself (which is fine). Would like the change the text in this button, what is the best place to do this so i survives updates of the plugin?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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