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    There is NOT one page you can go to where you can find what you need to get started. Sorry just having a forum where you can ask a question but have to wait for responses does not work.

    Instead of having a forum you should be adding the responses to a documentation for people to find what they have a need to know.

    When I search for what seems hours to look for simple things they are usually hidden or off the beaten track so I can find them again.

    When I want to share what options and features are available I can only find the sales page that has separate links for each feature NOT one page document with all the features listed in one place.

    Example the one that is on the WordPress page says this:
    And many more features not listed here

    So does Better Messages have ONE home page with documentation, Support form, forum, FAQ’s, Downloads in one place or domain? Sorry I have had this plugin working for over a month and still find the website a mess instead of a clear place to get going.

    Thus I am afraid to commit and don’t sign up for annual.

    I want this plugin to succeed and work for everyone.


    I had a very good experience so far.

    Yes, the documentation could be more extensive but the support is really good and fast.
    Maybe even the best of all plugins I encountered so far…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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