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Hi Andrij,

I’ve been there before, on the wordpress site. Horrible interface, worse than wp-admin 😉 I finally get to where it says, no translation yet, want to be the first? There’s nothing to click on… Very logical 😉

No sweat. Fast solution for all BP Better Messages fans, download here, from my nice server:

Create a languages folder in either the /wp-content/plugins/bp-better-messages folder, or like Andrij suggested, in wp-content/languages/plugins.

In the folder, you only need the .mo files I provided. (The .po files, you can use to edit errors wit PoEdit.exe)

Please note, I standardised the language code. Some languages are in the format of e.g. no_NO, while others are like only fi (for Finnish). I made them all two letter. For compatibility with my project. (And not become totally crazy working with 100 languages.)

If you only need French, change bp-better-messages-fr.mo to bp-better-messages-fr_FR.mo.
If you need Finnish, nothing to change. bp-better-messages-fi.mo is commonly used.