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    Hi there,

    I am experiencing a bug on the latest versions of the plugin (don’t know from which).
    Does someone experience the same issue ?

    Description : Consider two users named Blue and Red.
    1. Red is on the main messages page, watching the list of the discussion threads (combined view is off), where a discussion thread with Blue already exists.
    2. Blue is on the page of the discussion thread with Red. Blue is writing and sending messages to red.
    3. Red does not see any update on his thread with blue. No “+1”, “+2”, “+3” … on the thread, no bold text, nothing happens. Ajax refresh is not working.
    4. Red manually refresh the page, then everything appears.
    5. Then Red goes into the discussion thread with blue.
    6. Blue is still writing.
    7. Red sees each new messages in real time, the Ajax refresh is working.
    8. Red goes back to main threads list.
    9. Blue is still writing and sending messages.
    10. Red does not see any update on the thread anymore until he manually refreshes the page. Ajax refresh is not working.

    Testing environment : Tested on Desktop computers with Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Tested on iPhone with Safari, Firefox, Chrome. Always the same result in any directions.

    Host : Fresh new WordPress install v5.7
    Themes : Twenty Twenty (default)
    Plugins : BuddyPress v7.2.1, BP Better Messages v1.9.8.60

    BuddyPress modules : Extended Profiles, Account Settings, Private Messaging, Notifications

    BP Better Messages config – General tab :
    Refresh mechanism : Ajax
    Thread Refresh Interval : 3
    Site Refresh Interval : 10
    Number of Messages : 20
    Better Messages Location : Messaging (wordpress dedicated page)
    Combined View : no
    Block Scroll on Hover : no
    Show Private Message Link at Members List : no

    BP Better Messages config – Messages tab :
    Easy Start Thread : yes
    Only Friends Mode : no
    Disable Group Threads : yes
    Disable Multiple Threads : yes
    Auto Redirect to Existing Thread : yes
    Mini Friends : no
    Mini Threads : no
    Mini Chats : no
    Messages Status : no
    Allow users to delete messages : no
    Disable additional security check when deleting thread : no
    Search all users : no
    Enable oEmbed for popular services : yes
    Disable Subject : yes
    Disable Send on Enter for Desktop devices : no

    BP Better Messages config – Mobile tab :
    Enable Full Screen on Tap for Touch Screens : no
    Disable Send on Enter for Touch Screens : no
    Disable Tap to Open for Touch Screens : no
    Auto open full screen mode when opening messages page : no
    Enable Emoji Selector in mobile view : no

    Can someone try to reproduce this bug please ?

    Thank you,



    Hi there,

    Update version fixed it.

    Many thanks !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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