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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for enhancing BP Messages. This plugin is pretty cool but I have an issue with the link to the discussion, found into every mail notification.

    Actually that link directs towards :

    Clicking on that link drives me to the discussion if I am already connected to the website on another tab.
    But while not connected to the website, this link drives me to a “page not found” error, instead of driving me to the connection page, then redirect to the thread.

    Is it due to a missconfiguration somewhere ? I didn’t see anything like this in the settings.

    Anyway, back to the mail, if I change the link with “me” instead of “USERNAME”, this is working. Connection then redirect to the thread. But I don’t know how to change this because the link is made with the {{{thread.url}}} tag. That would be nice to be able to create {{{thread.number}}} to use it like this :


    If there is a way to create our own tags, then I would like to create {{{sender.name}}} too.

    Thank you for reading 🙂


    Hi there!

    Are you using some type of plugin to change current user slug to me on your site?



    Hi @admin,

    I am using Buddypress wich is able to redirect any « me » slug to current user « username ».
    I have been testing your link with the slug « me » instead of « username », by editing the html code inside the email (Right clic, inspect element).
    This is working. But this is good just for testing.

    My first question is « why is this happening ? »
    I suppose your link is normally working even if the mail recipient is offline from the website while clicking the link.

    I know the good slug working on my situation but I would need to create an additional tag for this. If possible can you tell me wich file(s) to look at please ?
    I think that more tags would be interesting for everyone. To customize the emails better. Like « sender.name » for example, or « thread.number » for my actual need ?

    Actually the best solution for me is to drive the user to the mailbox only, with the hard link :

    Thank you for your help


    Hi there!

    All logic related to the notifications you can find in this file:
    /inc/notifications.php inside plugin folder.

    Let me know if I can help you to fix it.

    Anyway thanks on the feedback, i will definitely work on this and add more vaiables in next versions!

    Thanks! 🙂


    Hi @admin,

    Thank you for the path and file name.
    Finally I decided to use a dedicated page for messaging.
    Is there a way to remove the access from BP Profile ?

    Then I had those values :

    /** File : /inc/notifications.php **/
    /** Place this under 'thread.url' [...] **/
    'thread.id'     => $thread_id,
    'sender.name'   => $sender->display_name,

    Now I can specify the sender’s name inside the mail, and I can use a hard link to only keep the thread number as a variable.

    You have a new message from {{{sender.name}}}
    Click on this link to go to the discussion : 

    That works and solve my redirect after login problem. 🙂
    I have another issue 😀 The whole plugin is not translated to the website default language.
    I can translate it to french if you need.

    Thanks 😀


    Hi there!

    You can translate it here: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/bp-better-messages

    Thanks 🙂


    Hi @admin,

    I am working on the french translation and I have a question.
    When you say “Are you sure you want to delete %d thread(s) and report?”

    Can you tell me what “report” means please ? I am not sure.

    Then how long does it take for my translations to be visible on the plugin ?


    Hi there, this string is from mass messaging feature, when you want to delete all messages that was creating by sending mass message.

    Report – is the report for the sent messages, like how many was read, etc.
    You should try mass messaging to understand 🙂

    The translations should be approved by wp localization editors community, you can ask them to approve or just export .po file at the bottom of that page:
    and upload to your languages folder.


    Hi @admin,

    Thank you for those details.

    “Are you sure you want to delete %d thread(s) and report?”
    Wouldn’t it be logical to write “report(s)” instead of “report” ?
    Anyway, I wrote the translation in function of the original text, without the (s).

    I am done with the French translations of the plugin. I will try to translate the readme as well, when I have time.


    Hi there!

    Thanks for this!

    Wouldn’t it be logical to write “report(s)” instead of “report” ?

    This string always related to 1 report, so it should be like that 🙂

    Thanks again! 🙂


    Hi @admin,

    I downloaded the .po and .mo files.
    I created a folder named “languages” into “bp-better-messages”.
    I renamed the .po and .mo to “bp-better-messages-fr_FR.po” and “bp-better-messages-fr_FR.mo”.

    I don’t see any translation on the frontend. Is there anything else to do like registering the files somewhere ?

    Thank you


    Hi there!

    1. Try to upload to wp-content/languages/plugins/
    2. Ensure that your site using fr_FR locale.



    Hi @admin,

    Thanks for the tip ! The files are in this folder now, with many others, but that’s not working. FYI, there was no previous translation files of bp-better-messages inside this folder.


    When downloading file here:

    Did you choosed the option only matching the filter (near the export button)?


    No I choosed « All current ».
    Is this wrong ?

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